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Your Ireland-China Export, Import and Outsourcing Team

Diarmuid O'Leary, Managing Director, Ogham Sourcing Ltd.

Diarmuid O’Leary,
Managing Director,
Ogham Sourcing Ltd.

Ms. Qiuyue Liu, Logistics Manager, Ogham Sourcing China.

Ms. Qiuyue Liu,
Logistics Manager,
Ogham Sourcing, China.

Ms. Charlene, Product Supervisor, Medical and Chemical Products, Ogham Sourcing , China

Ms. Charlene,
Product Supervisor, Medical and Chemical
Ogham Sourcing, China.

Ms. Apple, Office Administrator, Ogham Sourcing, China

Ms. Apple,
Office Administrator,
Ogham Sourcing, China.

About Us

Ogham Sourcing was established in mid 2004, by Diarmuid O’Leary (MD) and Tom O’Halloran (China Office, General Manager) who agreed that between them they had garnered a great wealth of experience in dealing with Chinese Businesses over the previous 10 years. They agreed that they should find a way of using this knowledge  to establish their own company to assist other businesses in Ireland the UK the USA to successfully trade in China and the Far East.

Diarmuid and Tom had both worked with an American Multi-National, initially transferring small projects, and ultimately transferring multi-million dollar product lines to Chinese and Vietnamese Sub-suppliers. In the early stages after formation, Ms. Qiuyue Liu was introduced on the China side. Qiuyue is an experienced negotiator and brought a wealth of local knowledge and experience to the team

Today Tom, who is happily married and settled in China, runs the Ogham Sourcing China Operation from our offices in FengGang in Shenzhen.  Ms. Liu manages the Logistics from the China Side.  Tom also has a team of personnel working on Auditing, Sourcing, Quality Assurance, Customer assistance and research

Other Members of Tom’s Team in China are LiuFeng who is responsible for the Quality Assurance and Inspection Functions and  Apple who is our Office Administrator.  In addition we have three Supervisors, who oversee our most important product lines:

Charlene, who oversees our Medical and Chemical product lines,
Wanghua who Supervises out LED Lighting Products,
and Hailing who co-ordinates  our Hotel and Office Fit-out projects.

In addition to the permanent team mentioned here, Tom can hire on an ‘as required’ basis from a readily available pool of suitably qualified personnel in the Shenzhen region, which has a well-educated work force.  Tom and Qiuyue conduct the required induction training, and all staff are sent on regular external training courses.

In Cork, Diarmuid spends the majority of his time developing the business and working with new customers.  He also manages the financial aspects of the business. 

Tom O'Halloran, General Manager, Ogham Sourcing China

Tom O’Halloran,
General Manager,
Ogham Sourcing, China.

LiuFeng,  QA Supervisor, Ogham Sourcing, Ireland

QA Supervisor,
Ogham Sourcing, China.

Ms. Wanghua,  Product Supervisor, Ogham Sourcing, China

MS. Wanghua,
Product Supervisor, LED Lighting,
Ogham Sourcing, China.

Ms. Hailing, Hotel Products Coordinator,  Ogham Sourcing, China

Ms. Hailing,
Hotel Projects Co-Ordinastor,
Ogham Sourcing, China.

Call us today on 087-6687545 or email us on inquiry@oghamsourcing.com for more information, or to arrange a meeting to discover how Ogham Sourcing  can assist you with your Export, Import and Outsourcing requirements in China.

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