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Detailed presentation of Import, Export and Outsource services provided

Your Ireland-China Import, Export and Outsource System


  • Offices in Cork, Ireland and Shenzhen, China 
    • Customers benefit from Ogham staff working in both time zones. 
    • With an Irish manager running the China office, communications are always clear. 
    • Cultural differences are not an issue, 
    • Local people in both territories 
  • Open-book pricing
    • You see all the costs and our margins.
    • Nothing is hidden.
    • Customers benefit from the same payment terms we get from suppliers, so as better terms are negotiated, customers benefit also.Tom conducting Supplier Audit at Chemical Supplier
  •   Low-margin Model.
    • By keeping our overheads in Ireland to a minimum, we can keep our margins low.
    • Customers benefit from the most competitive rates. 
    • You know all the costs up front, so there are no surprises.
  • Door to Door Solution for Imports.
    • We plan, manage and oversee the full process from Receipt of order to Delivery at your dock. 
    • The price you receive from Ogham includes everything except VAT. 
    • You benefit from China Pricing, while dealing with Irish people in Cork, and in China
  • Experience in Dealing with Chinese Businesses.
    • Between them, Diarmuid, Tom and Sean have more than 40 years of experience in dealing wih Chinese Businesses. 
    • The Chinese managers and staff in our Shenzhen office ensure that no language barrier exists 
    • It is widely accepted that local Chinese people can always negotiate a better deal
      • We have come across examples of where this is the case and also where it yields negligible benefits. We have the personnel to deal with both.

Call us today on 087-6687545 or email us on inquiry@oghamsourcing.com for more information, or to arrange a meeting to discover how Ogham Sourcing  can assist you with your Export, Import and Outsourcing requirements in China.

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